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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ - System InformationSystem Information

  • This portal acts as the gateway to all your assessment systems. The portal provides links and resources to help students and educators take full advantage of CAI systems.

  • TIDE stands for “Test Information Distribution Engine”. The TIDE system provides administrators with the tools to add and manage users and students participating in the ELA and Math Smarter Balanced assessments.

  • TDS stands for “Test Delivery System”. It is the online testing system that will be used for the practice tests, training tests, optional interim assessments and the summative assessments.

  • Calculators are not available at grades 3 through 5. For grades 6 through 11, the calculator will vary by grade as follows:

    Grade 6 – Basic Calculators

    Grades 7 and 8 – Scientific Calculators

    Grades 10 and 11 – Scientific, Graphic and Regression Calculators

FAQ - Test AdministrationTest Administration

  • The interim assessments will be available from September 9, 2019 to July 31, 2021.  Students will have two opportunities to take the Interim Comprehensive Assessment (ICA) and two opportunities to take the Interim Assessment Block (IAB).

    Students will have one opportunity to take the Smarter Balanced Summative assessment.

  • The purpose of the Smarter Balanced training test is to give students and teachers an opportunity to quickly become familiar with the software and interface features that will be used in the summative assessments.

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